March 2, 2008

RIN TIN TIN Fort Apache - 3 versions!

From Let’s play Fort Apache! : Collecting the Fort Apache playsets from Marx
by Stu Shiffman
on the

At least three different models were produced of the Marx Rin Tin Tin Fort Apache playset, as a licensed tie-in to the television series. These were numbers 3627 (60mm figures), 3658 (54mm figures), and 3957 (mixed scale). If mint in box, these can sell for about $450 for 3627, and $250 for the others. A box lid circa 1956 shows a large "Rin Tin Tin Fort Apache" logo and illustrations of a horseback war-bonneted Plains Indian riding down on the fort, with a portrait of Rin Tin Tin and the boy Rusty in the upper left-hand corner. The text reads "Rinty - Rusty - Cavalrymen - Indians - Fort - Cabin - Horses - Blockhouses - and Accessories". These licensed versions included figures of Rin Tin Tin, Rusty, and Lt. Rip Masters.

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